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Product Videos: Do You Need Them? - Chris Malta

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Do you need to have Product Videos when you’re selling online?

There’s a TREMENDOUS amount of misunderstanding when it comes to product videos in ECommerce.

That misunderstanding comes from the THOUSANDS of fake Ecommerce gurus who’ll tell you ANYTHING to get you to buy tools and services that YOU DON’T NEED.

In THIS case the fake gurus tell you that no matter WHAT you sell, you NEED product videos. That simply isn’t true.

This is REALLY important to understand: There are SOME products that benefit from videos. MOST products DON’T.

Video is useful when you need to show someone how something works, how to put something together, or something else they would NOT already know and need to LEARN about your product in order to USE it.

The industry term for videos like that is “Explainer Videos”. The vast majority of products for sale online DO NOT need Explainer Videos.

Let’s say you’re selling Bar Stools. Do they need an Explainer Video? It’s a BARSTOOL. You sit on it. You don’t need a VIDEO, because people already KNOW that!

Selling Toasters? They TOAST. You put the bread in, press the lever, and toast comes out. That doesn’t need a VIDEO to EXPLAIN it.

The type of video these jokers are trying to get you to pay for consist of your product rotating around on a hidden turntable doing NOTHING while little animated sparkles appear around it.

A product video like that is not only unnecessary, it actually HURTS your business because it makes your site look AMATEURISH, and THAT’s a serious problem!

And don’t let them tell you that you NEED to make product videos just because “everybody’s doing it” on Instagram or some other silly social platform. You don’t EVER use marketing methods that are inappropriate for your product line just because “other people are doing it”.

You ONLY use marketing methods that are NEEDED and are APPROPRIATE for YOUR PARTICULAR PRODUCT MARKET.

So let’s talk about SOME products that DO lend themselves to video. Chef knives, for example. Making a video that shows how well your knives cut MIGHT be useful, if it were done well.

There ARE products that say “some assembly required” on the box, which ALWAYS means LOTS of assembly required. You COULD make an “unboxing and assembly video” that your customers would find useful and would definitely appreciate, since the manufacturers almost NEVER do that.

So the next time some YouTube ad tells you that you need to have Product Videos for your site, think carefully about what you sell. If it absolutely NEEDS to be explained in order for your customers to use it, grab your smartphone and make the video yourself.

About 90% of the time, though, that won’t be necessary, and you can spend your time and money on far more useful things.

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