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Protect, Educate and Inspire the tens of millions of people worldwide who seek to better their own lives and those of their families by creating their own business opportunities on the internet while based at home.

Chris Malta's Bio

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Growing up in an entrepreneurial family and getting his start as a young teenager, Chris Malta has spent more than 47 years as an Entrepreneur in various industries. He has spent more than 30 of those years building successful businesses in all aspects of Ecommerce and Online Marketing.

He's worked closely with Amazon and eBay executives, built successful product sales sites, and created a 27,000-member affiliate marketing program. He's owned a wholesale distribution company, spent years hosting live business talk radio shows for Entrepreneur Magazine, was Product Sourcing Editor for eBay Radio, been a featured speaker at national internet conventions, written several ECommerce books both electronic and published (McGraw-Hill and Amazon), and has created hundreds of ECommerce articles as well as videos and podcasts.

He is the Founder and CEO of Worldwide Brands, Inc., a BBB A+ rated wholesale information company, and owner of (also BBB A+ rated) , where currently spends his time crusading against the hundreds of scams that target online business owners, and teaching an ECommerce Education he developed which many consider to be the most comprehensive Education of it's kind in the world.

He has personally done more than 8,000 hours of live Ecommerce mentoring through his Education and other outlets. He says, "I've always felt the need to work for myself. I was born with that wild hair that just keeps tickling my brain and telling me I have to be my own person, in charge of my own destiny."

Chris Malta's ongoing mission is to teach people the TRUTH about ECommerce in a market where the truth is almost impossible to find anywhere else.

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Avoiding scams is a critical part of eBiz "ownership thinking" when you're considering home based business ideas. Arguably, even the top ecommerce companies that provide site platforms and services should be on an internet scams list based on the costly, yet often ineffective and unnecessary apps, tools and added services they try to convince you to buy.

Author Chris Malta's newest work at home book saves thousands of dollars for the 65% of Americans and many others around the world who absolutely must avoid wasting money on scams, frauds and swindles while learning ecommerce. Chris Malta's history includes teaching people who have already been scammed how to work to get their money back.

EBIZ SCAMS REVEALED - by Chris Malta (Free Media Download)

Chris Malta's ECommerce Education

Chris Malta's EBiz Insider Video Series

This Free Video Series teaches home-based Entrepreneurs the proper basics of starting and running an online business without all the hype and junk information that hurts so many people.

It contains information on how to avoid online scams as well, and introduces EBiz Foundations, Chris Malta's 18-Course 120-Section A to Z Education in starting and building an online business based on his more than 30+ years of actual successful experience in this business.

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Areas of Expertise

  • 47 years in Entrepreneurial business, including 30+ years in online business
  • Educator - Created and teaching an 18 Course, 120 Section college-level ECommerce Education
  • Content Creator - Articles, blogs, videos, podcast, websites
  • Author - Several books, both digital and published in paperback; more than 7 million readers
  • Wholesale - Owned a wholesale distribution company in western New York
  • Retail - Built and ran successful ECommerce websites starting in 1995
  • Radio Show Host - Hosted two live business talk radio shows produced by Entrepreneur Magazine.
  • Founder and CEO -, the most highly regarded wholesale directory for EBiz Owners

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