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Trademarks - Do You Need One For Your Online Business? - Chris Malta

Do you need a trademark for your online business?

Hi, I’m Chris Malta. The thousands of fake gurus who stink up Google and YouTube are always trying to get you to pay for things that you don’t need. Why? Because they make commissions on everything they get you to pay for!

One of the things they tell you to do is to trademark your home-based business name. Do you really need to do that? The short answer is no, absolutely not. Here’s why.

A trademark prevents other people or businesses from using your business name for any reason. In other words, it prevents people from pretending to BE your business, or to be ASSOCIATED with your business.

Why would they do that? To try to siphon off online traffic from a very well known, very highly successful online business. Ride on their coattails, so to speak.

Take Barstool Sports, for example. They’re a digital sports, entertainment and media brand that creates and delivers a massive amount of content across all kinds of media.

It’s a 450-million-dollar company. Is it trademarked? You bet your favorite barstool it is! In fact, Barstool Sports, at last count, has 330 active or pending trademarks!

These trademarks range from Barstool Sports itself, to Barstool Hockey Cup, Barstool Games and even names like Cat Cave Derby, Pardon My Take, Laces Out, Red Line Radio and hundreds more.

They trademark the names of all of the different content and products they produce.

So, for example, if you try to start a website and call it Barstool Sports Beer Steins in order to make people think that you’re part of Barstool Sports and capitalize on their reputation, Barstool Sports will come down on you like, well…a ton a beer steins!

That exact name might not be trademarked by them, but it contains enough words from one of their trademarked names that you’d lose any legal battle instantly.

Trademarks protect the intellectual property of large, well-known companies from others poaching their customers or even damaging their reputations.

When you’re selling online in home-based ECommerce, you don’t NEED that kind of protection because you won’t have (OR need) global mass media exposure!

You can very successful in Ecommerce with a home based business (as long as you never…never… listen to the YouTube gurus!). But your success will be based on your ranking with the search engines, not on how many times you get mentioned on the 6 o’clock news!

Ecommerce is a different arena from those that need Trademarks. The chances that some traffic poacher is going to figure out that your Ecommerce site, out the tens of millions of Ecommerce sites online is highly successful is microscopic!

In other words, you can be highly successful in Ecommerce, but nobody will know it but YOU. So nobody will try to poach your name or your brand.

If you search Google on “should I trademark my home-based business”, you’re going to get all kinds of blog and article results that give you a resounding YES. There are two kinds of people who write those blog posts and articles.

One…the intellectual property attorneys who charge you THOUSANDS of dollars for a Trademark, and Two…the fake gurus who make commissions for SENDING you to the intellectual property attorneys who charge you thousands of dollars for a Trademark.

Don’t be fooled when they tell you that the average (quote) filing fee is around $300 bucks. That’s just the government FILING FEE. You will need an attorney to work with you to get that Trademark, and THEY will charge you thousands of dollars.

And that’s just the START. You may have to make several changes to the name you want (which also means making changes to your business name) and each attempt will cost another 1500 dollars or so.

You probably already know that I teach the most comprehensive Ecommerce Mentoring Program on the PLANET. I made this video because last week I got a call from someone who was interested in my Education.

This guy was a disabled Vet, after serving 20 years in the Army Rangers. He told me that a year ago, some fake guru out of Texas charged him over $30,000 to set a business up for him, and he never made a dime.

One of the MANY useless, expensive things this junk dealer got him to pay for was a TRADEMARK that he didn’t need.

I’ve been successful in this business for 30 years. I’ve never had the need to Trademark one of my Ecommerce websites. So don’t listen to the junk dealers who’s only goal is to rip you off for everything they can.

I've been teaching the most comprehensive ECommerce Education and Mentoring Program on the planet for over a decade. I have more than 30 years of actual experience IN this business.

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