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Shopify Does It BACKWARDS - Here's Why - Chris Malta

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When it comes to selling online, Shopify does it BACKWARDS. Why? Let’s find out.

Hi, I’m Chris Malta. When you do it right, there’s a specific, step by step process for building an online business if you want it to actually make money on it. After all, that’s the goal, right? Nobody does this for fun!

Most people have no idea what that process is, which is why 97% of all home-based Ecommerce businesses fail.


IF you learn and follow that step-by-step process carefully from beginning to end in the right order, your business will make money. So why does Shopify have you do it completely BACKWARDS, virtually GUARANTEEING your failure?

To be fair, it’s not just Shopify. ALL the big Ecommerce site providers tell you to do it backwards, and they know they’re doing it. They do it because these companies expect you to fail no matter what you do.

They have absolutely zero confidence in the ability of a home-based business owner to build a real, money-making business online. They KNOW that most people don’t have the knowledge or the patience to build a REAL retail business.

But guess what? They’re in the business of providing you the platform you need to build that retail business!

Since they figure you’re going to fail anyway, telling you to do everything BACKWARDS is the fastest way for them to get the most money out of you before you realize that you don’t know how to build a real retail business!

After spending 30 successful years in this business myself, I can tell you for a fact that these companies simply see you as clueless sheep who are ripe for shearing. So they go for the time-tested method called bait and switch marketing.

They hook you by making you think that you don’t need to know anything about retail marketing. They tell you it’s going to be quick and easy to start making money online. Then, when that doesn’t happen, they’ll start upselling you into dozens of tools and services that are supposed to do all your thinking and all your work for you!

Except they won’t, and by the time you realize that these companies will have taken tens of thousands of dollars from you over months or even years’ worth of wasted time, and you won’t have made a dime.

Any real, successful business owner on the planet will tell you that building a real business is not quick or easy. Never was, never will be. There are no “tools and services” shortcuts. It takes time, patience, learning and work to build any business…ANY business… that actually makes money.

But most people don’t want to HEAR that. It’s the oldest trick in the book, literally, because psychologically, people WANT to believe that you can make a ton of money without actually learning and doing the work yourself.
That sets these hosting companies up with the perfect scenario to rip off the largest number of people for the highest possible profit!

So how do they do that by telling you to do things backwards? First, Shopify offers you a “quick and easy” Free Trial website. That means they get your credit card number and they can start automatically charging you as soon as the trial period is up.

What they don’t tell you is that in the real business world, the website is the last thing you do, not the first!

Second, they’ll tell you to pay for one of their “amazing pre-built website templates” so you can launch your site…you guessed it… quickly and easily.

What they don’t tell you is that templates like those are designed by graphic artists, not retail marketers! Graphic artists do not understand retail design. You can’t just slap your name on a random template and call it an effective sales tool. There’s FAR more to effective retail site design than that.

Third, they push you into a product sourcing abomination they call OBLERLO. They tell you to… quickly, easily and automatically… load your website up with hundreds of products you think you might want to sell.

What they don’t tell here is two-fold. (A), you can’t sell mixed, random products on a website. The search engines only rank sites that are a single source of authority on one thing only.

Mixed product lines guarantees that you’ll never be found in a search engine.

And (B), they don’t tell you that Oberlo is nothing more than a fake front door that leads to AliExpress, which is Chinese dropshippers.

Drop shipping from China is idiotic. Unknown high-risk suppliers, low quality products and customer delivery times that take weeks, which no customer of yours will ever stand for.

Okay, so now, in three quick and easy steps, they have you set up with a website you have to pay for, a site design that isn’t designed for marketing, a product line mixture that no search engine will ever rank, (which means nobody will ever find it), and a Chinese supply chain that takes weeks to deliver a product if it ever delivers the product at all.

THEN…they sit back and wait.

Because they KNOW you’re going to contact their Support Specialists and ask why your website has no traffic and no sales. Then, the fun begins! For Shopify, not for you.

THIS is where they start making the nearly 3 BILLION dollars they made LAST year. Their Support people are basically their marketing people. They’re going to tell you to spend hundreds of dollars a month on a whole bunch of quick and easy tools that are supposed to fix your problem. Except they won’t.

They will charge you thousands of dollars to “redesign” your website so it’ll be “more effective”. Except it won’t be.

They’ll tell you to buy their other quick and easy tools that advertise your website on places like Facebook and Google Shopping. You’ll spend far more money on advertising than you’ll ever make in sales.

Why won’t any of this work? Because the so-called tools are a joke, you’re still stuck with a crappy web template that never should have been launched without first creating a blog and supporting social media accounts, that’s also loaded up with hopelessly mixed product lines.

Because Shopify had you do all of this backwards (and completely wrong, by the way), your site has been negatively indexed by Google because it was such a mess from the start, and now they won’t touch you with a ten foot pole, which means the site will never rank.

And even worse, these people know that you’ll keep throwing good money after bad because at this point, they’ve successfully used a very effective psychological tool against you.

In marketing psychology, it’s called the Sunk Cost Fallacy.

The Sunk Cost Fallacy, in basic terms, says that people will continue to hold on to a mistake they’ve made much longer than they should, because it cost them a lot of time and money to make that mistake.

Shopify and these other companies know this trick. They make their LIVING on the Sunk Cost Fallacy. They know they can string you along indefinitely and keep taking your money even after you realize that you’re never going to get anywhere.

And all of THAT is why Shopify and the other big Ecommerce platforms have you do this… BACKWARDS.

Ok, NOW let’s talk about the process for building an Ecommerce business with a website when you do it RIGHT:

First, before you ever even think about building a website, you need to do proper Market Research. That means you need to figure out what to sell. That does not mean just “selling what you like”, as so many of the fake “gurus” out there tell you to do.

It’s not about just picking a whole bunch of different products and throwing them at the wall to see what sticks. That’s guaranteed failure. GUARANTEED. Ecommerce market research is a detailed process that I’ve been doing myself for over 30 years and teaching in my Ecommerce Education for over a decade.

The point is that you have to know for a fact that a product you sell is going to give you high profit margins, has solid market demand, a good trending history and minimal competition before you even start doing anything else.

After that, you need to perform serious keyword research. You need to understand clearly how people search for what you sell in every possible way.

Keyword research leads you to an understanding of WHO your most likely consumers are. You can’t possibly put together a website that’ll actually make money without knowing who you’re selling to.

Why? Because a solid knowledge of your consumer base leads to a successful site design AND successful marketing. There are two sides to this business. Traffic, and Conversion. Traffic is getting people TO your website, and that means you need to understand how people search for what you sell.

Conversion means actually making the sale to the people who DO get there. That’s done by making sure that your most likely customers will see exactly what they need to see, how and when they need to see it, in order to get them to buy from YOU and not go looking around on other websites.

So far, we have Market Research, Keyword Research and Demographic research. Then we need to develop the marketing graphics and written content you’ll need when your site launches. That content must be based on your consumer demographic.

You can’t launch your site in a vacuum. You need to show the search engines a decent amount of targeted marketing content right from the start.

That’s because Google will index your website the minute you launch it. If it can’t find at least a beginning assortment of articles, blog posts and social media posts directly related to your site, Google won’t take you seriously.

First impressions are critical for search engines. Your first impression determines whether you start out on the negative or the positive side of Google’s indexing.

You have ONE SHOT at making a good first impression on Google. If you blow that one shot with a messy, aimlessly wandering website, you might as well shut down the site and forget it. It’s never going anywhere.

After your initial Graphics and Content development, THEN you can begin to lay out and build the website. Again, based on the specific demographic for your product line.

But even when that site is properly laid out and built, you can’t launch it yet. You need to set up your email newsletter and autoresponders so that your site can build a mailing list that you can use for marketing.

Then you need to set up Google Analytics and install it in your site, so that you can track your visitors and understand how they behave on your site. This allows you to make minor tweaks in the future to improve your sales.

Then you need to finish setting up your social media platforms, based on the design of your site. ONLY after properly doing ALL these things properly and in the right order can you launch a website that actually makes money.

Look, I don’t make the rules. But after 30 successful years in this business, I can definitely tell you what they are and how they work!

I know this all sounds like a lot. But successful businesses don’t grow on “easy trees”!

It takes time, commitment, and work to build something that creates real income out of thin air. That’s what a real business does!

NONE of this is rocket science. ANYBODY can do it.

When I teach my Students, we do this in a highly organized, step by step process. Learn something, build it. Learn the next thing, build it. By the time we’re done, it’s a real working business done right, and doing it RIGHT is the ONLY way to build a business that actually makes money.

I’ve taught thousands of people how to do this right. I WILL teach YOU this business. I WILL work with you one on one to make sure it’s done right.

If you’re ready to talk about making ACTUAL money online, you can call my direct phone at 888-824-7476. It’s my cell phone (yes, REALLY), and I DO answer it myself.

Whatever you decide to do, just don’t do it backwards!

You’ll find LOTS more REAL free Ecommerce information at See you next time!

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