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The one thing you need most in this business... the one thing that's hardest to find.

There's MARKETING and there's TRUTH.

When it comes to learning how to start an online business, those two things are not the same. More than 95% of the so-called "EBiz Gurus" out there are lying to you. Plain and simple. Their 'Amazing Systems', 'Easy Tools' and 'Pre-built Businesses' aren't real.

The 'Marketers' are simply selling you whatever pays them the highest commissions. They don't care that it's not real. Junk info scams cost more and pay much higher commissions! The more confusing the info they sell you, the better it is for them. Confused people buy more junk.

Sound extreme? It isn't. What I've just told you is actually putting it mildly. Listen to the wrong people, and you FAIL. No exceptions.

I will ALWAYS tell you the Truth...

...even when I know it's not what you want to hear.

The Truth isn't as pretty as the Lies

Junk marketers spend most of their time telling you how EASY this business is. That's a psychological trick. Everybody, at some level, wants everything to be easy, and they know it. But that's not the TRUTH.

The Truth is that this business, like any other business, takes time, learning, energy, money and commitment to start and run properly. But that isn't anywhere near as desirable as "Easy". So, most people will go for "Easy" far more quickly than they'll go for the Truth.

The Truth won't always be what you want to hear. But if you want to make money and not lose money, it's what you NEED to hear. And I'll never tell you anything different.

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Fantasyland is where junk EBiz Marketers take your business to die. I teach the Real EBiz World, where people actually make money.

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Possibly the only person left who'll tell you the entire truth about ECommerce, whether you like it or not.

Most ECommerce Marketers are actually just part-time salespeople who push whatever pays them the highest commissions, no matter how bad it is, as long as they get paid. You CANNOT listen to those people.

I've spent 25 years actually running successful business in this market, and really HAVE made millions in it. I'm one of just a very few people who can answer ANY question you have about ECommerce.