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1. What Is EBiz Foundations?

The EBiz Foundations Education was created over the course of 3 years by 25+ year ECommerce Veteran Chris Malta. EBiz Foundations was built to become a College Degree program, so it's the most incredibly up to date and detailed Education in EBiz on the face of the planet. It's been taught for many years now.

With 18 Courses made up of 120 in-depth Sections, this hand-held personal EBiz Education takes business owners from "here's how your computer works" to "let's launch your completed website and all it's marketing, 100% correctly".

Chris Malta's FREE EBiz Insider Video Series will teach you TONS of valuable REAL EBiz information all on it's own, and also give you an idea of how powerful  EBiz Foundations really is. EBiz Foundations

2. EBiz Foundations - REAL Reviews vs Misleading Reviews.

If you're going to be a Business Owner, you need to understand the difference between REAL, Legitimate Review sites and MISLEADING, deceptive Review sites. 

Why? Because when you own a business YOU are going to get a few bad reviews at some point or other, no matter how honest you are or how hard you work to please your customers.

Knowing what the source of those Reviews/Complaints are helps you to understand whether to trust them as a Consumer, and how to deal with them as a Business Owner.

So let's take a look at the GOOD, the BAD, and the UGLY when it comes to online Reviews and Complaints.

>>> The Good...

There are a few Review / Complaint sites that can be trusted implicitly. These are sites that (1) thoroughly vet Reviews and Complaints to make sure they're valid, (2) disallow and remove those that are NOT valid, (3) work with consumers and businesses to RESOLVE problems, and (4) eventually REMOVE complaints that are valid but have been resolved to the satisfaction of the person who complained.

BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU - The BBB has been around since 1912. It is a Non-Profit organization legitimately dedicated to helping consumers and businesses resolve problems or complaints. They are thoroughly trusted online.

TRUSTPILOT - This is a well-known world wide consumer review service that is used by more than a MILLION consumers a MONTH. Trustpilot is scrupulously honest. If a business' Trustpilot Rating is good, you can absolutely trust that business.

CONSUMER REPORTS - This is a Non-Profit that was started in 1936, and primarily deals with physical product reviews, but also contains reviews of businesses and companies. They accept no advertising and pay for all the reviewed products themselves. They are a widely known and thoroughly trusted review platform.

- As a Consumer, these are the kinds of sites you should seek out and trust when looking for REAL Reviews.

- As a Business Owner, these are the kinds of sites you should work with to provide honest feedback and create resolutions for any of your customers who have any issues or complaints.

>>> The Bad...

Unfortunately for Business Owners, there are THOUSANDS of web sites where people complain about businesses. These are not specific COMPLAINT web sites. They are mostly Forums where people just get together and talk.

A few of those complaints will be honest gripes that people have about your business. When you run an honest business, these will always have to do with MISUNDERSTANDINGS of some kind.

MOST of those complaints will be left by TROLLS. These are unscrupulous competitors who will complain about YOUR business, and PROMOTE THIERS at the same time. They are NOT legitimate complaints. You can always tell when someone is Trolling because there will be a link to some OTHER site or business in the "complaint".

- As a Consumer, never trust a Review or Complaint that contains a link to another site or business.

- As a Business Owner, you must ALWAYS respond to these Reviews or Complaints. The very few legitimate ones deserve an honest response and an offer to help from your business. The Trolls need to be responded to as well. Just keep in mind that you can't get angry or say anything you'll regret. You're going to HAVE to deal with Trolls. Do so calmly and effectively in your responses.

>>> The Ugly...

There are some Review / Complaint sites that should not trusted. These are sites that (1) do NOTHING to verify whether a Complaint is actually real, (2) actively troll the internet to cause people to complain, (3) do NOT allow people to CHANGE their initial complaints, (4) actively SEO complaints to make them rank as high as possible in the search engines, (5) and then try to CHARGE the Business Owners who are complained against THOUSANDS of dollars to "mitigate" those complaints, although they will NEVER remove them.

The common opinion online is that they hide behind loopholes in the Communications Decency Act in order to profit tremendously from soliciting and publishing complaints, whether the complaints are real or not. Unscrupulous trolls have learned that this is an easy way to trash a competitor unfairly, and do it regularly. The worst offenders in this area are:

RIPOFF REPORT - This website has a "F" Rating with the Better Business Bureau. They have been the subject of multiple lawsuits. This site has been described by a major news network as the Number 1 "Worst Website In America". Because they do not ever verify the legitimacy of a complaint, nothing you see on that site should ever be trusted.

PISSED CONSUMER - This website is owned by Consumer Opinion LLC, and also has an "F" Rating with the Better Business Bureau. They also have a 1-Star Rating with Trustpilot, which is the worst possible Rating. Since they require absolutely no verification that a complaint is real, a reasonable person would not trust complaints found here.

COMPLAINTS BOARD - This website is based in Latvia. While it does have an anti-defamation policy, it does not verify complaints, so any unscrupulous troll can use it to damage another person or business. They do allow a complaintant to modify a complaint and they WILL entertain removal of a complaint, but only after a costly process that is required to obtain a Court Order. Again, it's not reasonable to trust complaints found on a site like this since the complaints are not verified.

- KEEP THIS IN MIND: People who post FALSE complaints do so on THESE sites because they know they can LIE and get away with it.. NO VERIFICATION. You WON'T find those same complaints on LEGITIMATE sites like BBB, Trustpilot or Consumer Reports.

- As a Consumer, you should be very aware that "Complaint Sites" have become a very profitable business for unscrupulous operators, and it's not at all reasonable to trust unverified complaints.

- As a Business Owner, most people agree that your best strategy when someone posts an unjustified complaint about you on a site like this is to respond to it calmly and effectively. Spending thousands of dollars to become a "Verified Business" on these sites (which does little or nothing to mitigate complaints) or spending even more to locate and sue the original poster and then obtain a Court Order for Defamation is beyond the reach of most small businesses. Even larger businesses do not take these sites seriously except to be sure to respond to complaints. What you have to hope for as a Business Owner is that people who find those complaints take the time to READ YOUR RESPONSE and not just react to the initial "complaint".

>>> The Take-aways about Reviews / Complaints...

As a Consumer, if you're going to Review a business, always do so honestly, and never in a moment where you're unhappy about something. You should ALWAYS contact the business you're unhappy with FIRST, to try to resolve the issue. Many people never do that. It's important because there are companies who WILL sue you for Defamation, and you really don't want to deal with that. If you can't resolve an issue with the company, use LEGITIMATE sites like the the BBB, Trustpilot, or Consumer Reports.

As a Business owner, you WILL end up with a few bad reviews even if you're 100% legit. People complain when they're unhappy, they rarely contact you first, and often they're unhappy about something ELSE, but go after an easy target that might be right in front of them at the time. You'll also get Trolled by your competitors. It's inevitable. All you can do is be open and honest with people in your business, and respond to complaints immediately in a helpful way.

3. EBiz Foundations Reviews - What Actual Students are saying.

Just a few of the real Testimonials we get all the time!

Actual EBiz Foundations Students

You have amazed me with your knowledge. Noooooo way could I come close to this information. Your knowledge is off the chain and easy to relate to. Time back with my family is worth so much more than you could imagine.

Jesse W

I feel so blessed to have you as my mentor. EVERYWHERE you look there are scammers out there trying to take your money. I get to have someone help me who actually cares whether I succeed or fail. In everything you write, I literally can feel the honesty from you. It's fantastic to have someone in your corner who is truthful and does business the right way.

Darren L

First let me say I love the training and it is the best training I’ve ever got in my life, seriously. I’ve learned so much it’s incredible. You give regular people a REAL chance to create positive change in their lives. You have opened a door to me that would have always been shut. And all you ask is to put some hard work into it.

Dilprit S

This was well worth the money; I appreciate your advice and the knowledge and wisdom behind it!

Shannon B

Chris, Just a note to say that I do now and will forever accept suggestions that you care to make.

Frank H

I'm really thankful for your course and all the teaching that you provide throughout the year.

Thanks again Chris!

Christian S

I appreciate your encouragement. It really helps. I am thankful that you are a great guide.

Darin M

Thank you so much. You certainly do know what you are doing. My only regret is that I did not find out about you sooner.

Chas H

I just want to thank you for teaching the common folks about online retailing.

Andrej K

It is clear that the design of your EBiz course has been so well thought out and structured. I don't believe there is any other course on ECommerce that comes close.

Donald G

Having had what was supposed to be a "complete" educational course in getting an internet business up and running, I can attest yours is much more thorough and contains information that was not in the previous 'educational lessons' I had, and are critical to becoming a success on the internet.

Ray M

I would love to tell you to your face the gratitude I feel for your help. Having ethics and being honest is what I have built my life on. I believe you have too. Keep up the good work.

Mike M

I just wanted to say thank you for all of your feedback and advice. I honestly feel like you have given me the best possible chance for success in this business.

Heather H

You are truly amazing and wanted to say I am so thankful for meeting you and the opportunity to do your course, and cant wait for what the future brings.

Taron E

Forgot to mention, your paper on finding time was a great combination of important knowledge and much appreciated encouragement. I'm very happy to be learning from you all that needs to be known and practiced to run a successful business online.

Jon H

This type of learning and business is really becoming addictive. I really like what I am doing! And you have to understand that you are a big part in all of this. It's really great to work with you and I really mean that!

Dave W

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