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Ecommerce News Break

I don't watch the TV News very often, because no matter whether there's good news in the world or not (which there always is, somewhere) all they do is focus on the bad. I see enough bad things  happening just in my own little corner of the world, Ecommerce. I see the news media as people who prey on people's fears for their own financial gain (ratings and advertising).


Not much different than the people who prey on your hopes and dreams in order to cheat and scam you. Since I have the equipment right here, I thought it might be fun to create a little news of my own.


Inaccurate? Sure it is. Not much more inaccurately portrayed than the real broadcast news, though, so what the hell, right? Good for a little fun, while poking a little fun at the business we've chosen to drive ourselves nuts with.


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Scambuster videos
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Ecommerce News Break Video Series


#1: Ecommerce News Break Episode One



...There's much more on the way!

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