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EBiz Bedtime Stories

A long time ago, fairy tales and bedtime stories were a lot darker, and were used to scare children and warn them about things they needed to watch out for. These days, with the warm and fuzzy political correctness that's all the latest fashion, Bedtime Stories have become silly little trips through a fantasyland that doesn't even resemble real life, much less teach anything about it.


Hey, wait a minute! That sounds  a lot like the idea that you can buy a cheap "system" online, and get rich by next Thursday, doesn't it!


Why yes, Chris, it does, you say! So, let's take the Bedtime Story back where it belongs and reveal some of the darker truths behind EBiz today, and have a little fun at the same time. Sweet dreams!


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Scambuster videos
Click the links below to watch each Video. Please Share them in any way you can. Help me spread the word. The more we get people thinking about how we get cheated online, who's doing it and how, the fewer people will get cheated!


Ecommerce Bedtime Stories Video Series


#1: Junior Scamburg and the Potty-Mud Cookies

#2: Scambob's Fantastical Treasure Hunt (New!)


...There's much more on the way!

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