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Is it Possible to HELP People AND Earn Money?

Many people don't think so. There are a lot of people in Affiliate Marketing who are just out for a quick buck, and don't give a damn about who they hurt. That's why there's so much absolute garbage sold to unsuspecting people, who risk everything they own to start an online business, and fail because selfish affiliate marketers are only looking out for themselves.

Well, I've proven over the last ten years that you can help people, and make money at the same time. I've literally made millions by creating and marketing honest products that really work, and selling them at prices people can afford.

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If you're someone who makes your decision on whether or not to join any Affiliate Program based only on how high the Commissions are, you're in the wrong place. I don't want you as an Affiliate, so hit the road, Jack. There are plenty of high-commission internet scams you could be screwing people over with, and this isn't one of them. Go find yourself a nice coaching scam, fake wholesale directory or web-store-in-a-box dirt-bag to sell for. You'll both make money at the expense of honest, hard-working families, and you can both ruin your online reputations together.  In the end, it's up to you to figure out how to live with whatever conscience you have left.

On the other hand, if you're someone really interested in helping to make other people's lives better, while growing a strong, long-lasting online reputation for honesty and earning money at the same time, by all means welcome to this page.

This web site is easy to promote.


It's easy to promote because it's helpful, and contains free material that people can use to their benefit right off the bat.


It's easy to promote using my Name, because I have a sterling reputation online, and have for nearly ten years.


It's easy to promote my Scambuster Videos, because it's information that everybody wants, and it's free.


It's easy to promote my EBiz Tunes, because they're original, new, and carry a powerful message in a new way.


It's easy to promote my 'EBiz Bedtime Stories' because, well, nobody's seen that before, and they carry important messages as well!


It's easy to make other people's lives easier, and earn monthly recurring revenue in the process.



Learn More...Watch the Affiliate Video (above)

So why would you promote my site online? What else is in it for you?

1. My Scambuster Videos, EBiz Tunes, EBiz Bedtime Stories and more all use unique ways to help people understand things that are very important to surviving their eBiz ventures. When you promote things that help people, especially FREE things, they remember you, and trust you. That helps you earn money promoting other good things.

2. They help to tell people about Chris Malta's Private eBusiness Forum. This is a unique community of people who work together on a daily basis to help each other succeed online. No junk info, nothing else to buy, no up-sells. Just myself and other people, all working in eBiz, who help each other answer the critical day to day questions that confuse every eBiz owner online, and cause most of them to fail. This community helps eBiz Owners actually realize their dreams, at a price they can easily afford.

My Private Forum is just $1 for the first month Trial Period, and only $25 a month after that. I know that once someone signs up for this Forum, they'll stay for a long time, That's how good it is. When they join, YOU get a 20% ($5) commission per month (after the 30 day Trial Period), for each Member you sign up, for as long as they stay.

I use lifetime Flash Cookies that never expire, and don't get deleted from a user's computer even when they clear their cookies and browser history.

If the commission doesn't sound like much, do the math. It adds up very quickly when you keep getting a recurring payment, month after month, for each sale you make over time.

This is good for your referrals, and good for you. So, let's get started. :o)

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