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Chris Malta EBiz Mentoring
Chris Malta EBiz Mentoring Chris Malta EBiz Mentoring
Chris Malta EBiz Mentoring 
     EBiz Done Right ...

ECommerce Millionaire Chris Malta will personally teach you to do what he's done.

  • Learn Real eBiz from a REAL Online Millionaire

  • Mentoring tailored specifically to YOU and YOUR online business

  • Stop spending money on your business, and start Earning it

  • Work with Chris From the comfort of your own home, on your own home Computer

  • Exclusive Online Workshop, and a Full Year of Chris's Personal Support

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Every Truly Successful Online Business Owner...

...has been Mentored by someone who became successful before them.

There is only one real online millionaire who will personally Mentor you. Chris Malta has helped thousands of ordinary people become extraordinary EBiz Success stories.

You can be next, right now.

"I just took Chris's workshop. It was awesome!

Our group was primarily folks just getting started. Only 3 had actual stores opened. Chris is great and extremely helpful. I would recommend this to anyone."

Wayne L., Cape Coral, FL

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Want More Proof?
Just Google "Chris Malta". You'll find that he's one of the most highly respected ECommerce 'Gurus' in the world.

We attended Chris's workshop on Saturday, and it was amazing... Even though 8 hours doesn't sound like much in the scheme of the universe, on the 100 Steps of our eBiz journey, that workshop took us from Step 3 to about Step 30 in one quick shot. We're finally past all the confusion and information overload, and can now focus on learning each specific aspect involved.

Bob J.


Chris Malta's EBiz Mentoring

Chris started in his home for $500,

 and his company has now been estimated at $15 MILLION. He is:

  • A 35 Year Business Veteran

  • A best-selling Author

  • An EBiz Talk Radio Show host

  • eBay Radio's Product Sourcing Editor

  • Author of hundreds of ECommerce articles

  • Creator of dozens of Free EBiz educational videos

  And he's offering to work with YOU for a FULL YEAR, Starting NOW. 

What Is Chris Malta's Online EBiz Workshop?

You, Internet Millionaire Chris Malta, and 4 other business owners just like you, from beginners to advanced, who understand that in order to make real money online you need to hang out with and learn from people who already do make real money online.


A full-day ONLINE personal business Workshop that focuses on developing a clear roadmap of your next steps, one by one. Then a full year of follow-up with Chris personally. All included in the Workshop fee...there's nothing else to buy.

Saturday, Sunday or Wednesday Workshops are available...whenever day is best for your schedule. Seats are limited and tend to sell out quickly, so don't delay! Available dates are at the bottom of this page.

Right from your own home computer! You never have to leave your house to attend a Workshop or work with Chris for the full year!

The Live Workshops are conducted Online by Chris Malta himself. There are never more than 5 people in each Workshop, so that everyone gets maximum value for the time. 

Each person's path to business success is different. No matter what path you're taking, you need someone who's already very successful online to help you choose that path, and guide you along it.

Imagine for a moment what it would be like to spend an entire year working side by side with someone who already knows how to build a real, successful EBiz. That's what Chris Malta's Workshop and Mentoring program is.

Today, I took Chris' Online Workshop! It was awesome!

I have been frustrated and feeling like "throwing in the towel". However, we/I have spent too much money, time, and effort in our three sites for me to give up just like that.

Well, I have a renewed sense of purpose! I feel like I can't quit UNTIL I do the things Chris suggested. So now, I have "homework" to do on the site and see how that works out.

My other "web mates" had different issues, so I learned from what Chris said to them and there were things that pertained to all of us. The workshop was great! Chris had a browser so we could look at our sites and other sites that he brought up to make his point. It was truly the next best thing to being in person.

If anyone is wondering if he/she could benefit from the workshop, I say, "YES"! Once you're on, it's tailored just for your issues and the issues of your web mates...nothing generic! Plus he made sure that, in my own words, our brains were ready to pop with all that he shared!

Way to go Chris!

Caroline P, Upper Marlboro, MD

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Chris Malta Guarantees Satisfaction Yes, the economy is tight right now. But...a successful business is the WAY OUT of this economy. This is a once in a lifetime investment in a REAL future! Remember that it's Tax Deductible, so it literally costs you NOTHING at the end of the year.

Still, if you decide within three days of Registering that you cannot attend FOR ANY REASON, you'll get a FULL REFUND.
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