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- Building a Real Online Business is not about the tools!

There's much more to building a successful Online Business than learning how to push a few buttons.


- Stuck in Analysis Paralysis

Starting your own EBiz is like drinking water from a firehose...too much info too fast. How do you decide what you need and what you don't?

- Don't Pay Thousands to Start your EBiz

It's the Internet's Biggest Rip-off. You CAN start your Online Biz on a budget, if you know how.


Building a Real Online Business is NOT about the Tools!

- article by Chris Malta

I get a lot of email from people who buy "instant EBiz" programs, people who spend thousands of dollars on software, instant sites and tools and still can't make a dime online.

That's not surprising. All those so called 'easy tools' out there are simply marketing ploys to try to make you believe that online business is easy. They cost too much, and they don't teach you what you really need to know.

Chris Malta Online Mentoring

Would you send a 5 year old child to first grade math class with a calculator? Of course not. Math is new to him, and he needs to learn how and why it works before you give him a tool that lets him push buttons to get his answers. He needs to learn the concepts.

Quick and easy tools that are supposed to provide online business results are most often way overpriced and way underpowered. Remember that these tools were written by someone else. Just a person, not an all-powerful, all knowing magical business wizard! In fact, most of the "quick and easy" online tools out there were written as cheaply as possible in order to make money quickly for the program's creator. This kind of thing is rampant online, and is NOT good for YOU.

For example, there are tools that tell you what "keywords" are good to use for your site. Did you know that a "keyword" that might be good for one online business model could be completely useless for another?

There are tools that analyze "commercial intent", which is an online shopper's intention to buy something based on the keywords they type into a search engine. Do you understand how commercial intent works, and why you have to use it together with an understanding of your consumer market to know whether it's right for your particular products? Of course not. This is new stuff to you, but the tools don't explain that they can only take you part of the way.

Were you aware that pre-built "template based" web sites are the worst possible thing you can do to your business? In retail, it's your demographic that counts. Template driven web sites do not allow for the critical relationship between buyer and product that is absolutely required if you're going to make money online.

That's one of the biggest differences between the 97% of people who fail at online business, and the 3% who actually succeed. That 3% takes the time and finds the sources they need to really understand the business they're getting into, instead of just buying worthless programs and pushing useless buttons all day.

Even if that 5 year old child gets the right answers on his calculator all day long, he will still never learn the concepts behind the math, and will never be able to push beyond the everyday, average, basic knowledge of what math is. Those who learn the concepts are the innovators who learn to instinctively move beyond the basics, and truly succeed at what they do.

I'll work with you personally to teach you these critical concepts and much more, to pull you out of that 97% failure rate, into the 3% success rate.

I did it for myself and many others; I can do it for you.

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Chris Malta Reviews

I'm not getting any kickbacks from Chris; but if anyone is wondering if he/she could benefit from the workshop, I say, "YES"! Once you're on, it's tailored just for your issues and the issues of your web mates . . . nothing generic! Plus he made sure that, in my own words, our brains were ready to pop with all that he shared!

C. Pleasant

Chris Malta Reviews

Chris Malta Reviews

I participated in Chris' workshop. WOW what an amazing time we had.....I learned so much from Chris, and the other participants!!

D. Jones

Chris Malta Reviews

Chris Malta Reviews

If any of you are at a point where you seem to be stuck at a point in your business that has you wondering why you started all this. I would highly recommend taking one of Chris's workshops. I know both myself and the others on the call walked away with a whole new attitude and a fresh look at where we want to head with our businesses. Thanks Chris for your unselfish devotion to all of your members here.

 J. Rowe

Chris Malta Reviews