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 YOU Need To Know...


- Building a Real Online Business is not about the tools!

There's much more to building a successful Online Business than learning how to push a few buttons.


- You Could Be Stuck in Analysis Paralysis

Starting your own EBiz is like drinking water from a firehose...too much info too fast. How do you decide what you need and what you don't?

- Don't Pay Thousands to Start your EBiz

It's the Internet's Biggest Rip-off. You CAN start your Online Biz on a budget, if you know how.


Don't Pay Thousands to Start Your EBiz "Easy"'s a Rip-off!

- article by Chris Malta

Are you getting the phone calls and emails that invite you to seminars at hotels to learn how to make money online the EASY way? Are you hearing the radio ads offering you free CD's (you just pay shipping) that get your business started the easy way? Seeing TV commercials that tell you how simple it is to get rich online?

Don't listen. Don't answer. Don't call. Don't go.

Chris Malta Online Mentoring

There are literally thousands of "easy eBiz" rip-offs out there, and they will reel you in with fantastic promises, then hurt you badly. The fact is that starting a home based business takes time and effort, and it doesn't come in a box or on a CD or DVD.

You can choose to ignore that fact if you like. Most people do. That's why most people don't make money online. Fully 95 to 98% of the online home businesses started every year fail every year. Why? Because that's how many of them listen to those garbage offers. 

If you were going to open a shoe store in your local mall, would you buy something called "shoe store in a box" and have it shipped to you, expecting to open the box up in your mall store and have everything pop out and be complete?

Of course not. That's silly. So why would you do that with an online business? An online business is a real live retail business that works exactly the same way a physical retail business does. It just uses a different set of tools.

It's extremely important to remember that business is NOT easy. It's NOT quick. Sure, most people don't want to hear that. Most people WANT to believe that it can be done the way the actors in the ads and commercials say it can be.

Poppycock. (Weird word, I know, but I've always wanted to say it. :o))

If you build a business the right way, it will reward you. It'll earn you money and it'll last for a long time. If you try to go the quick and easy route, you'll be wondering what happened to the money that used to be in your bank account, and where your business went wrong. 

I'll work with you personally to teach you how to start a business he right way. No hype, no empty promises. It CAN be done, and it CAN work. You just have to know what to do, and work with someone who's done it.

I did it for myself and many others; I can do it for you.

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Chris Malta Reviews

I'm not getting any kickbacks from Chris; but if anyone is wondering if he/she could benefit from the workshop, I say, "YES"! Once you're on, it's tailored just for your issues and the issues of your web mates . . . nothing generic! Plus he made sure that, in my own words, our brains were ready to pop with all that he shared!

C. Pleasant

Chris Malta Reviews

Chris Malta Reviews

I participated in Chris' workshop. WOW what an amazing time we had.....I learned so much from Chris, and the other participants!!

D. Jones

Chris Malta Reviews

Chris Malta Reviews

If any of you are at a point where you seem to be stuck at a point in your business that has you wondering why you started all this. I would highly recommend taking one of Chris's workshops. I know both myself and the others on the call walked away with a whole new attitude and a fresh look at where we want to head with our businesses. Thanks Chris for your unselfish devotion to all of your members here.

 J. Rowe

Chris Malta Reviews